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Use USGoBuy to Purchase Palace Skateboards Products

Posh simplicity is the essence of Palace Skateboards and this London brand has planted their logo oozing that definition since 2009, quickly escalating to one of the leading brands in their market for skating essentials, gear, accessories and merchandise. Lev Tanjul, the founder of Palace Skateboards, created a streetwear brand that matches the hype of brands such as Supreme and Bape with the quality to back their products. While stars like Jay-Z and Rhianna have been spotted sporting the famous brand logo, Palace makes products that are accessible to everyone which highlights the underground roots where the brand was planted.

Use USGoBuy to Purchase Palace Skateboards Products

Simplicity is also essential to using a forwarding and shipping service and USGoBuy wants to make sure customers know that convenience and trust are always essential parts of the process to get your packages delivered safely. First, just go onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use when purchasing from the Palace e- commerce store. Your items will then be sent to the USGoBuy Oregon warehouse where you will have a chance to add any specifications for delivery before paying for shipping and handling through your USGoBuy account. To keep things easy, most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal are accepted. All of your personal information will be kept secure and you can relax knowing that your parcels are on the way with the utmost care and speed.

Palace Skateboards Highlights

Todd Pro S14 7.75

This lean bad boy board has been featured in magazines and in customer reviews for its trendiness and dependability. Lightweight and easy to navigate, it became a surefire hit on the market selling currently for ?46.00.

Solid Shell Running Hat Blue

Another example of unapologetic cheekiness and simplicity, this top selling hat maintained its status as a staple of boarders with the only description of the hat being “not got many plans for 2019 except maybe chicken tikka more often”. At ?42.00, it’s easy to see why quality with a bit of dry humor is a good recipe for success.

Palace Kickers Kick Hi Red

The name describes it all with the punchline being red. The logo is again the seller, but the color punch is what brings in the hit with customers with most of the colors sold in products being muted. At ?95.00, this streetwear says the most about you without you having to say anything at all.

Palace Skateboards also is simple with their policies and business model. While their products receive rave reviews from customers, discounts aren’t usually offered and there are no newsletters, pop up sales, or other standard commercial e-commerce offers which is what makes Palace products stand out. That doesn’t take away from the quality of their products, however. While no materials are listed on their site, the sales and loyalty customer following speaks for the company much more than words could on their site — which seems to be how they like it.

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