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How does USGoBuy work?

Hailed by New York Magazine as the “Jesus in a bottle” of beauty products, Paul Labrecque has a reputation to live up to and their customer testimonials seem to back the praise. Founded in 1988, Labrecque’s passion for beauty and making clients feel their finest inspired him into entrepreneurship and he started his own two seat boutique salon in New York. Ranked by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the top three stylists in the United States, his products match his reputation and his e-commerce store offers the latest in trendy and quality products to boost your confidence on the outside to match your inner beauty.

How does USGoBuy work?

USGoBuy is a third party forwarding and shipping service that makes sure your packages are shipped internationally with safety, speed, and trust. While some businesses ship internationally, using a forwarding service actually saves you money. Reliability is key which is why USGoBuy has a stellar reputation and makes sure signing up for an account is convenient and takes just a few moments of your time.

  1. Go onto and register for an official account where you will receive an

    address to use during your checkout process buying Paul Labrecque products.

  2. Your packages will then be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you will

    have a chance to add any shipping details for their final jaunt of their journey. At this stage, you can finalize forwarding fees online through your account with most third party online transaction websites such as PayPal.

  3. Patience is a virtue, but luckily with USGoBuy, speed is a top priority with careful handling in mind. Your parcels will be arriving shortly!

Paul Labrecque Customer Favorites

Cele De Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation SPF 24 30ml

A dew like foundation that leaves your skin gleaming, this products is constantly raved about in magazines and by customers alike. Available in a variety of colors, this a little goes a long way with this foundation and is one of the many reasons this product is a favorite selling at $125.00 USD.

Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

This cream offers intense regeneration at $170.00 USD, but the results are almost instant with lines and wrinkles disappearing and firmness improving to create a timeless look for your skin. While the formula is secret, the results are apparent and this cream is a top seller.

Paul Labrecque Repair Shampoo and Condition Restorative

Salt, paraben, and harsh salt free, these miracle workers are here to repair and magnify your hair to its fullest potential. Starting at $28.00, this set together can give your hair the makeover it deserves to make you feel glorious from the bottom of your toes to the tips of your hair strands.

Paul Labrecque Discounts and Sales Perks

While Paul Labrecque doesn’t always have flash sales like most e-commerce stores, they are still currently offering their Black Friday discount with the Promo Code PLBF2018 that automatically gives you twenty percent off of any purchase. Take advantage while you can to shine while ringing in the New Year!

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