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Let USGoBuy package forwarder handles your Piperlime international shipping

There are many great products to purchase online from the United States, but shipping is often not allowed outside of the US. This is where USGoBuy shopping solutions of package forwarding service come in to save the day. USGoBuy provides a US shipping address for all registered members. All international shoppers can get a free membership with USGoBuy. Piperlime USA online store will ship the packages to that shopping address you have received from USGoBuy. USGoBuy then forward international shoppers’ Piperlime purchases to their international address, seamlessly.

how usgobuy usa package forwarding works for online shopping Piperlime usa

The benefits for your Piperlime shipping

Get the Piperlime international shipping from US done and enjoy more featured benefits with our package forwarding service for your Piperlime USA online shopping.

Considerate package handling services

USGoBuy has offered considerate services related with package handling, such as repacking service, package consolidation service, product pictures, package storing. All such services will benefit your Piperlime US online shopping and saves money for your shipping. Don’t forget, all these services are free! 

Convenient Payment Methods

Paypal is the advised payment method in place for paying for your Piperlime international shipping cost or the personal shopper fees. This cuts out the hassle of credit cards, bank accounts and regulations that are in the way of making purchases that would be restricted from going outside the United States or not possible due to lack of a United States credit card, debit card or bank account. Besides, there are also other accepted payment methods like WebMoney or credit cards. 

Reliable & Cheap Shipping 

DHL, US Postal Service and FedEx are USGoBuy’s  shipping partners and all of them are logistics experts. All can offer international shipping for your Piperlime orders with the most cost effective prices and efficient tracking and handling of international packages, including any customized solutions for unique shipping requirements. Calculate the international shipping cost with our shipping calculator now!

USgobuy parcel forwarder help online shopping Piperlime usa

Piperlime shopping tips and guides

There is a 20% Coupon off for the first purchase with Pimperlime. These discounts are now available for international shoppers who love fashion from great Piperlime USA online store, since now you have a US address from USGoBuy. Piperlime, together with Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta belongs to the famous Gap, Inc.

Piperlime shipping is free within US territories for all orders. So your piperlime orders take three to five business days to arrive at USGoBuy package forwarding warehouse for Piperlime. There is a very friendly return policy that allows 30 days time after order received.

Lastly find Piperlime coupons to use for your orders and if you have time read some international shopping guides or tips.

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