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Reducing International Shipping Cost for REI International Shoppers

You may be searching for a particular backpacking item, and find that you can only buy it overseas from USA REI online store. After looking in to shipping products direct from the REI store to your overseas address, you realize the international shipping will cost much more than you can afford. Should you give up or look for a cheaper way out? Search no more, USGoBuy package forwarding service can help you save money on REI international shipping and REI online shopping.

How USGoBuy package forwarding works for REI international shopping

Our package forwarding service for REI, gives international customers access to cheap international shipping for REI online shopping. When you sign up at USGoBuy you are given a free USA address. You can then use this address for your REI orders, in order to have your package shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse. Most online companies like REI within the USA, will let you ship to a USA address for free, when your purchase reaches a particular amount. Once the package reaches our warehouse, we send you notification of your package weight & size and how much your shipping costs will be. You can then pay the shipping cost and we will ship your package out to your international address.

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We are saving international shoppers money by offering international shipping at a rate that is much lower than other package forwarders. Simply estimate the shipping cost with our shipping calculator. There is no added sales tax, since we are located in Oregon, a sale-tax free state.International shoppers can save even more with our free consolidation service and repacking service. USGoBuy can consolidate different packages to one package to save money.

About REI USA Online Store

REI is a unique backpacking equipment retailer based in the USA. REI USA online shopping lets you have access to a full range of recreational equipment. From apparel, to canoes, and everything in between, you are sure to find the right products to match your outdoor lifestyle. 

REI Shopping Tips & Guides 

If you are looking to save money on your purchases at REI, there are a few things you can do. The first thing to do, is to sign up for their email list. If possible, you may want to look into applying for an REI credit card, each purchase offers money towards a half yearly REI dividend. Check their site often for sales, and shop the REI outlet online store.

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