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Wait! How do I buy my purchases in time for the holiday season with USGoBuy?

Your favorites games just became tangible reality with Riot Games products — from coffee mugs, clothing, figurines, and holiday apparel to match the snow season, this e-commerce store provides products for any game enthusiast. Mech vs. Minions, Fizz Series, and League of Legends, are just a few of the major league names that are featured in niche items through Riot Games. With new collections popping up to appease customers every day, this site aims to please. Similar to a cult following base, customers flock here for quirky products and quality service.

Wait! How do I buy my purchases in time for the holiday season with USGoBuy?

Good question, and we have a better answer because it really is this simple. Just head onto and register for an official account which will provide you with an address to use during checkout procedures. After your purchases are secured, they will be sent to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. Now is the stage where you can make any specifications on shipping details before they are sent to their forever home. All finalization for shipping and handling can be made through your account with most online third party transaction sites such as PayPal to make everything even smoother for your shopping process. Your parcels are now safely and securely on their way to you while you relax knowing that you are taken care of and so are your items.

Riot Games Customer Favorites

Zoe Series 3 XL Figure Collection

This literally larger than life appearance is appearing in a new figure line and there is a special “mix and match” special for all t-shirts and figurines that start at $35.00 USD.

The Freljord

The first extra large statue welcomed into the realm of Riot Games, Braum and Ashe invite you to embrace “winter coming” with their new line of items to keep you warm in the harshest cold.

The Sweetest Collection

Cute with odd quirk makes this collection fun for the whole family. Cards, keychains, and unique teddy bears among other animals are what the rave is all about in this category. While the “league” may be designed for children, we won’t tell if you steal one away for yourself!

While discounts aren’t as common because of the unique nature of Riot Game’s products, suggestions are always available for when to order due to high demand, especially around this time of year with the holidays around the bend. Orders are recommended to be placed by this week in order to guarantee Christmas deliveries! No one want to miss out on the ultimate present under the tree or perfect stocking stuffer, and customer care is a main priority for this e- commerce store.

Riot Games makes sure that you don’t miss out on any fan collections — which is why they have a separate art section for hard core collectors. This is a well mentioned favorite category amongst reviews and worth taking a second of your time.

No matter what your pick of the patch is for gaming, you can bet this store will meet your needs!

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