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Active lifestyle ingredients are what Ron Jon aims to provide for their customers — and they deliver! Surf and beach lovers flock to the shop that represents “the beach and beyond” with their products and mentality. Being in the biz for over fifty years, Ron Jon values community and their business community, both as employees and customers, seems to keep expanding. Now with millions of domestic and global Ron Jon enthusiasts, this company has set a bar for a larger platform while still staying close to home — the beach.

Using USGoBuy Forwarding and Shipping Services

Signing up for USGoBuy to receive the best surfing products on the market is as easy as a relaxing day at the beach. Simply ride the waves onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use during checkout. After finalizing payment, your items will then be sent to the Oregon warehouse where you can makes any special requests about the final journey to their last destination before completing shipping and handling payment through your account which is accepted by most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal. USGoBuy instills its values through trust and reliability, so you can rest assured knowing that your packages are on the way with speed and care in mind.

Ron Jon Merchandise


A day at the beach just got a whole lot easier with this handy section. Towels, sunscreen, bags, and toys are available with high quality at the best prices to make your day in the sun more enjoyable. Spending a day at the seaside has a tendency to bring out your inner child — which is why the Ron Jon Deluxe Sand Toy Set is a hit for both adults and children selling at only $12.99 USD.


A classic longboard shape with more sustainable railings, this easy to maneuver customer favorite comes with removable fins to make sure that you have smooth gliding all along the way. Available at $449.00 USD, this staple is sure to be a favorite both in style and durability.


This fish scale themed pair of shorts makes sure you will feel at home in the water at $29.00 USD. This one of a kind look adds stretch for comfort, UV protection, and the signature Ron Jon patch on the left leg to represent your favorite brand.

Ron Jon Surf Shop wants to make sure that you are familiar with your shopping decisions and is always available to help with customer support. Their media center can keep you up to date with upcoming events and the freshest in news, but any personal inquiries or concerns can be taken

care of directly by email through or by phone through (321) 799-8880 or (321)


Whatever your idea of a dream day at the beach is, Ron Jon has you covered to enjoy your time basking in the sun.

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