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Growing up in Morocco, founder and artistic director of Sandro Woman, Evelyn Chétrite is one of the main components of what makes Sandro Andy unique and is an excellent role model for what the company represents. Growing up in Morocco, the vivid colors were a perfect parallel of the white caftans elegantly worn by her mother. These memories helped plant a seed that is seen perpetuates in the designs available today. Ilan Chétrite, the son of the founders of the Parisian brand, sees the brand as a family member, calling it his brother. Ilan is proud to represent his family brand with the class and integrity it was created with since its inception.

Sandro Andy Merchandise

Dreams Come True Selection

While prices vary depending on the item, this women’s selection features the trendiest classics in cocktail dresses that can be dressed down during the day to make it an easy switch to the “little black dress” everyone wants for night wear. This section includes the best pumps, flats, and accessories to make your night shine as brightly as you do.

Round Neck Sweater With Lobster Motif

Now on sale for $238.00 USD, this quirky Christmas favorite has been popping off the shelves, so stock up now! Straight cut, long sleeved, and an brazen lobster on the front. What more could someone ask for to combine style and chic?

Corduroy Suit Jacket

Originally listed for $695.00 USD, this customer best seller is now featured for thirty percent off at $486.50 USD and adds personality to any ensemble. This “new classic” cut blends a seventies feel with a standard, modern fashion look to create the new evolution of vintage.

How do I secure my purchases through USGoBuy services?

We’re glad you asked! Buying Sandro Andy products is simple and efficient. Just type in in your internet browser and register for an official account which will give you an address to use during your checkout process. After your payment is secured, your items will then be launched on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you will have a chance to request any details for further delivery. At this stage, finalization of shipping and handling payments can be taken care of through your account through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal. Your parcels are now just days away from arriving on your doorstep for your enjoyment.

Sandro Andy Discounts and Perks

There is currently a thirty percent sale on all inventory for the Holidays, so take advantage! Private sales are also only available if you are a newsletter member, so be sure to add your

email address to the list to grab a hold of the extra steals available. Customer service is a priority and all queries or concerns can be addressed by service personnel at 1-866-814-1404 with professionals at hand.

Sandro Andy has always aspired to provide elegance and accessibility in all of their products and wants to make sure your shopping experience is as exquisite as you are.

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