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You have to be comfy no matter where you are.

How can you make sure your not waiting weeks upon weeks to receive your new chair?

You have to be comfy no matter where you are.

The secret is in the chair.

Secret Lab was started to provide every computer user with a quality yet affordable chair. Their chairs are carefully and meticulously designed and made from only top-quality materials to keep you seated for long hours while remaining comfortable and healthy.

Back in 2014 the Secret Lab was established after our founders, Ian and Alaric, two competitive StarCraft II gamers, experienced first-hand the rigour and strain on their backs and wrists from spending long periods in front of their computers.

Dissatisfied with the available options, they went on a mission to develop THE chair that could provide maximum comfort at a reasonable cost, and assembled a team experienced in many areas, such as craftsmanship, industrial design, and customer service. In May 2015, the first Secret Lab chair was launched, to great acclaim. They have since not stopped.

Top quality chairs for cheap prices what can be better?

On top of our high-quality chairs, Secret Lab works hard to do right by users by maintaining only the best customer and aftercare services, and selling directly, so you don’t have to pay for retailers or distributors’ mark-ups.

In just two years, Secret Lab has upgraded the seating experiences of users in over 40 countries worldwide — such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and regions such as Europe and South-east Asia and that’s just the beginning.

When searching on their online store you will find their four product lines, that means there is a chair for everyone: The THRONE, the OMEGA, the TITAN and the ultra-luxurious NAPA Series, upholstered in soft, supple Napa leather. Secret Lab serves over hundreds of thousands of users—including professionals, gamers, production studios, businesses and enthusiasts.

Secret Lab’s best selling chair is the OMEGA that has been upgraded with superior manufacturing processes and improved materials, including a facelift that now gives it a defined, modern look, making it a better fit for your office or your home.

Equipped with enhanced padding and an improved multi-functional tilt for even more adjustability, the OMEGA's ergonomic design and substantial cushioning will keep you comfortably seated and free from back strains even after long hours of work or play.

Choose from the sleeker Classic, Stealth and Ash designs, or the Amber and Royal that add flair with their striking accents. 

Secret Lab’s mission is to have a chair in front of every computer screen in the world, because you deserve the ultimate seating experience.

How can you make sure your not waiting weeks upon weeks to receive your new chair?

USGoBuy holds all the answers in regards to international shipping, courier services and payment services. If your not based in the US or your international payment method is not valid for use we are here for you. After purchasing your new Secret Lab Chair we are sure you want to try it out as soon as possible. You can now use USGoBuy’s services to either purchase the product for you, have it sent to the USGoBuy warehouse based in the US then shipped to you or you can use both! With cheap international shipping and courier services available what more can you want?

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