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Founded and still running from California, this warehouse and retail store has been up and running since 2002. Now a leading marker in the skating industry, this small local skate shop has created a powerful presence with their e-commerce store. Recognized both by critics in the market and loyal clientele, this shop quickly became a rank in the skating business and has maintained its reputation through its products, quality customer service, and easy to navigate website that keep customers coming back. Using USGoBuy allows for these products to be shipped anywhere around the world with a few steps.

How do I sign up for a USGoBuy account to get my purchases shipped internationally?

Easy! Hop onto and register for an official account. This process will provide you

with an address to use when buying your items online. Your shopping spree steals are now on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. You can add any details to shipping services at this time before finalizing shipping and handling fees through your account. USGoBuy accepts most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal. Your Skate Warehouse items are now securely on their way for you to enjoy with speed and care.

Skate Warehouse Merchandise

Complete skateboards, decks, trucks, parts, wheels, accessories, protective gear, and a “Build Your Own” option is available for veteran skating enthusiasts and newbies in the field. The website is designed to shop complete skateboards by brand name, and each board varies in price depending on your boarding needs. Anti Hero, Zero, and Santa Cruz are just a few of the brand names that are available to peruse when finding the perfect fit for you.

Longboard completes are also a big hit on this e-commerce store and the variety of brands and boards fit the bill to keep any longboard lover busy for hours searching the store. Globe, Dusters California, and Prism are leading brands featured that are hits with purchasers. Again, prices vary depending on the board, but the quality of the products are also worth the price. Be sure to check out the discounts that Skate Warehouse offers to save you money and hassle when purchasing the products you love.

25 Days of Giveaways at Skate Warehouse

The current hot sale is that Skate Warehouse is partnering with leading brands to give away certain prize packs each days. Each day is given a “brand day” and purchasing anything from that brand on this day while entering the code 25DAYS at checkout automatically enters you into the raffle. You can also enter by tagging three friend on the Skate Warehouse instagram (@skatewarehouse) post that day for the social media followers.

There is also a gift guide available with categories under a certain amount for the perfect holiday purchases and sale sections always offer quality inventory that you can pick up at the lowest price available.

Don’t forget to make your online wish list to help guide Santa for your Christmas stocking stuffers!

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