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How to Use USGoBuy to Buy Skechers Merchandise

Globalization is key to the Skechers business model and they have succeeded on a world wide spectrum with offices in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. While roots are still sprouting in their Corporate Headquarters in California, this footwear company designs and markets their products with the intention of being able to shop for quality products from anywhere in the world. This company focuses on strategy and aims to create leaders, foster creators, and partner with like minded collaborators to make sure their products can reach every market in the world and their e-commerce store is no different.

How to Use USGoBuy to Buy Skechers Merchandise

USGoBuy fits the bill to help with globalization of Skechers products. With just a few clicks, your buys will be headed your way with your security of information in mind. Here are the three easy peasy steps to complete your international shopping needs:

  1. Hop onto and register for an official account where you will receive an

    address to use when finalizing your Skechers purchases.

  2. Once your items are secured, they will be sent to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon.

    During this stage, your account will be notified so that you can make any requests on shipping details before the final leg of your parcels journey. All finalization of shipping and handling fees for forwarding can be handled through your account and taken care of by most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal.

  3. Relax — your items are heading your way and will arrive before you know it for you to enjoy.

Sketchers Customer Favorites

Sketchers Performance Shoes

A bestseller in the women’s section, the Women’s Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra — Assurance pair selling at $70.00 USD is a hit amongst customers made from lightweight material, responsive cushioning, and a natural expansion design to create the perfect fit. The Skechers On the GO Joy — Harvest set are also a hot sell and available for $75.00 USD.

Men’s D’Lites 2

Available in five color schemes, this set was inspired by bestselling Manga to inspire anyone on the go, no matter what the activity is afoot. Made of leather, suede, synthetic, and mesh fabric, this on the go favorite is available at $85.00 USD.

Boys/Girls S’ Lights: Luminators Luxe

For $77.00 USD, your munchkin will be the highlight of the town (literally!) with these shiny kicks. A dazzling effect and rechargeable design, these shoes can light up the night with the press of the start button!

Skechers Discounts and Promotions

With certain days of the week featuring special offers such as Toddler Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, and Throwback Thursday, certain items are available at twenty percent off if you keep track of your shopping days! An also regular sale favorite every day of the week is the chance to get free socks with any purchase of $65.00 USD or more. What more could your feet ask for?

Skechers aims to keep you on track no matter what your goals are or where you are in the world. Keep moving one step at a time in style!

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