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How do I purchase my SLMD Skin Care Products using USGoBuy?

Dr. Sandra Lee has one priority — to democratize dermatology. She believe that through SLMD products can be sold that genuinely help people with their skin care needs with no hidden agenda. She also is a firm believer that education behind what is needed for proper skin care should be accessible to everyone so that you can properly know what to buy to soothe and replenish your inner glow on the outside. Never deceptive, dermatologist formulated, and products that are guaranteed to work are the promises SLMD Skin Care makes and with the testimonials to boost their model, it is easy to see why they are one of the leading companies in their market.

How do I purchase my SLMD Skin Care Products using USGoBuy?

That’s a good question — and we’re here to help! The first step is to head onto

and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use during the checkout process. After finishing your shopping spree, your items will be sent to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. You can add any details or requests to the next shipping process during this stage before finalizing shipping and handling fees through your USGoBuy account. Most online third party transactions sites such as PayPal are accepted for your convenience. Your parcels are now on their way to their final destination with safety and care in mind.

Sandra Lee MD Skin Care Customer Favorites

The SLMD thirty day acne fighting kit is a great starter to help take control of your skin. Acne fighting and anti-inflammatory ingredients work in a four bottle set that specialize in getting rid of dry skin, blackheads and whiteheads, and acne scarring for $50.00 USD. Another system option is the 60 day kit with same spotlight ingredients of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and vitamin C antioxidants to ward off any pesky skin issues. Depending on your skin needs, the Body Acne System for $65.00 USD and the Sensitive Skin Acne System available at $75.00 USD might be better choices for your individual needs.

SLMD Discounts and Promotions

SLMD is currently promoting for the holidays and ordering now provides free standard shipping, which will save on your allover forwarding fees, with any set using the code HOLIDAY when checking out. Signing up for the SLMD newsletter also ensures free shipment on your first order while keeping you in the loop on any details on discounts or new product lines about to hop on the shelves.

SLMD firmly believes in their products and customer service is readily available if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the products themselves or the business side of purchasing. Their Frequently Asked Question section is quite extensive and if it doesn’t cover your needs, email the service response team through the website and you will be contacted as soon as possible from personnel to assist you.

SLMD wants you to be the brightest you can be this holiday system and their products are in place to help you maintain your best glow.

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