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Using USGoBuy to Purchase Social Status Merchandise

“Inspired by prestige, power, and prosperity,” Social Status is built on a principle business model that blends ambition, strategy, and execution to reach the point of success that equates to prosperity by providing customers with quality and products and the edgiest urban fashion available to the public through their e-commerce store. Social Status wants their label to represent sincerity and brand integrity essential for the recipe for growth, success, and of course, ultimately prosperity. Every season changes in its unique styles to provide the most unique and gritty fashion statements on the scene.

Using USGoBuy to Purchase Social Status Merchandise

USGoBuy is a premium forwarding and shipping service that aims to provide you with all your international shopping needs with trust and accountability so that your items arrive on your doorstep with speed and diligence. With a few simple steps, you can register for an official for an official USGoBuy account that will save you time and money in the long run. Just head onto and after receiving your account, you will be given an address to use during your checkout stage. After your Social Status purchases are complete, your items will then be sent to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where you can make any specifications about their final delivery purchase. Payments for shipping and handling can be made through your account through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal for your convenience. Happy shopping!

Social Status Customer Favorites

Neighborhood Survival Tee (Black)

Customers rave about this featured one hundred percent cotton tee that features “I Survived the Apocalypse” printed on the front in white. Simple yet trendy, this eccentric addition to your wardrobe runs for $66.00 USD.

Social Status x Prosper: Obama Neighborhood Hope Dealers

Social Status paired with the famous New Jersey retailer to produce this line of t-shirts that have been flying off the racks since their release. The t-shirt is currently on sale for $36.00 USD — just in time for the holidays! Screen printed graphics on both sides are what makes this a top pick for buyers.

Adidas Alpha Edge Women (White)

Retailing at $300.00 USD, this pair of kicks guarantees you start your day as the alpha. The engineered mesh and Adidas prime knit collar are similar to the original Alpha Edge model, but this evolved pair features Forge-fiber-a TPU coated yarn to take you the edge you are trying to reach.

While Social Status doesn’t offer sales similar to most e-commerce stores, it is common to find individual items at discounted prices. The key is to looking for them by section depending on what brand or category fits your fashion needs. A little tedious, but worth the process for the quality and savings.

Be sure to check out the Social Status blog to stay updated on all the upcoming trends, fashion lines, and new products available at the e-commerce store so that you don’t miss out on your chance to buy!

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