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A lot of international shoppers would like to buy their office supplies and office furniture from Staples USA online store. Though Staples has international sites for a few countries, international customers from other countries want to order from Staples USA. Now international customers have USGoBuy package and mail forwarding services available at 60% off shipping rates.

International customers need to first register at USGoBuy to get their own forwarding address in US. With this given address, international customers can shop at Staples as Americans do, enjoying the same prices and discounts. Just place the order online at Staples and leave your USGoBuy address for your order. Once USGoBuy has your Staples purchases at Warehouse, we would inform you with an email. The last step for international customers to do is pay for discounted shipping fee and wait for your purchases to arrive.

There are free services offered by USGoBuy and these include:

  • Free Repacking Service
  • Free Consolidation Service
  • Free Concierge Service
  • Free Warehouse Storage

Why International Customers Buy from Staples USA Online Store?

There are a lot of good reasons to shop online from Staples in USA. One of the biggest reasons is the amount of office and school supplies that the company has available. They have all the necessary items from pens, pencils, markers, paper, and printer ink to things like laptops and computers. They also guarantee to match the price of any company that has an online and retail store. Staples will match Amazon prices as well.

Some uncommon items that are available at Staples are holiday decorated hand soaps, paper plates, paper cups, and napkins. Staples has a program called rewards; all rewards members receive free shipping (within the US to your free US shipping address at USGoBuy) and free returns by ordering online. Staples has a lot of benefits for any person seeking office or computer supplies. They have things like office furniture including office chairs, desks, and printers. They sell many items in bulk and offer big discounts for large orders.

Online shopping at Staples is available for international customers, no matter where you are from. It is a great way to save your money on office supplies, and this is more important for startups. The satisfaction guaranteed and the amount of different items available are like icing on the cake making Staples a great place to shop and save money online. Currently, some items are 50% off for limited time promotion.

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