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How do I purchase my athletic needs at Sukoon through USGoBuy?

Specializing in hijab for women on the go, founder Arshiya started Sukoon Active so that women could partake in there favorite athletic in comfortable and stylish hijab and clothing to make for a comfortable and productive workout. Focused on the voices of her customers, this business is specifically designed to cater to women whose activewear needs haven’t been address which has provided her a specific niche in the market. Empowering all women in fashion for every daily activity so that drams aren’t squandered is the goal — and with the rave reviews from customers, a dream that has come true.

How do I purchase my athletic needs at Sukoon through USGoBuy?

Well, that’s an easy answer! USGoBuy is leading international forwarding and shipping service that provides the best possible global shipping options that saves you time and money in the process. Simply pop onto and register for an official account first. After your account has been established, you will be given an address to use during the checkout process. After finalizing payment, your items will then be on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. You will be notified as soon as they arrive and will have the chance to make any requests about final shipment procedures before they are off to their final destination. All shipping and handling fees can be taken care of through your account through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal.

Sukoon Product Favorites

Technical Up-Do Hijab

Everything you could need for any work out, this hijab has been tested for the most intense sweat sessions. Fully customizable with a secure hook and loop, this high performance hijab doesn’t budge and is available in solid black and solid charcoal at $44.00 USD.

Technical Long Sleeve

Free flowing and relaxed in style, this tee is insulated to keep you cool and covered during any athletic activity. Made of merino wool, this material also fights odor-causing bacteria and allows you the room to perform to the highest of your ability and is available for $68.00 USD.

Technical Short Sleeve

This shirt is built to give you the coverage you need with the flexibility to reach your potential with every activity. Lightweight and made to insulate with no chemical treatments, this comfortable piece is being sold for $64.00 and is the perfect addition to your workout attire.

Although discounts and sales aren’t common for Sukoon products, these options for women designed by women have been featured by Forbes, Allure, Muslimgirl, and Unworthy among others to show that both critics and customers are relishing in the products that provide an

adjustable lifestyle, are made of the highest quality materials, and are accessible to everyone are what consumers truly want.

Be sure to stay updated through Sukoon Active’s blog, The Daily Relief, to see inspirational stories, get tips on how to stay active, and write your own story to share! Sukoon wants every woman’s voice to be heard — and to help provide the accessories for everyone to live their life with endless possibility and no constraints.

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