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How do I use USGoBuy to buy Supply House products?

Based out of Melville, New York, is a purely online retailer that specializes in

heating, plumbing, and HVAC equipment. Founded in 2004 by Josh Meyerowitz, this company has now grown to parallel competition with leading online competitors in the market such as Amazon with their quality products, excellent customer service, fair refund and exchange policy, and swift delivery procedures making it a favorite choice for shopping among customers. Since it’s debut in the early 2000’s, has been praised by critics and were finalists for the 2016 EY New York Entrepreneur of the year. Product Inventory really does offer it all when it comes to your home’s needs and the inventory is so vast that it can be a bit overwhelming! Luckily, the e-commerce site is designed to help you navigate by product, brand, and even SKU. PEX, heating, fittings, plumbing, HVAC, thermostats, valves, and electrical supplies are the prime categories that customers can search for their household needs. Supply House takes pride in their giant inventory and is currently featuring categories of copper fittings, Honeywell thermostats, and circulator pumps. A note about pricing — some items don’t show the pricing because some manufacturers require that we the company only show the prices once further action is taken in interest of the product. However, Supply House always promises to try to offer you the lowest possible pricing on the market!

How do I use USGoBuy to buy Supply House products?

Well, that’s an easy question. Just head onto and register for an official account where you will receive an address to use during the checkout portion of your shopping spree. After your purchases are finalized, all of your packages will be sent directly to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. Your account will be notified and you can make any specifications for the final jaunt of your parcels journey before they arrive safely at your doorstep. This is also the stage where you can take care of all shipping and handling fees through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal for your convenience. Discounts and Offers

While doesn’t regularly offer slashed sales because of their already heavily discounted prices, they do have offers that come up as often as possible to help you with extra savings. Currently, there is a limited time only five percent off of all Honeywell products using the code HW5 to help save dollars in your pocket!

While is impressive from their inventory alone, they also provide helpful resources that are available through their e-commerce site to aid you in your home project. Videos, manuals, calculators, and installation guides are readily available to make your handy work easier. Friendly customer service is always available as well for any specific questions through email or by phone at 1-888-757-4774 to help ease you with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

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