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Do you want to buy something from but are one of the international countries they don’t ship to? It must be so tiresome when you live somewhere where none of the online stores deliver. Don’t worry because at USGoBuy, we can ship products from to you. We have two amazing and simple services – BuyForMe service (or buy it for me service) and self-buy with free forwarding address. Read on to find out about these services – 

• BuyForMe service – Under our BuyForMe service, you are basically saying, “buy it for me and ship it to my address”. We can buy any chosen products from and other US online stores for you and ship them to you. Just submit your shipping order to us and tell us about the product you want. 

• Self-buy With Free Forwarding Address – In this method, you can buy your product and other US online store yourself. However, we will give you a US based address for free and your package would be received on this address. Then, we will forward the package to your location, in any country you want. Your package would get delivered from the online store to our warehouse. 

• Calculate Your Shipping Cost – Our shipping cost calculator is a nifty tool which gives you all your shipping costs in advance. Take an example – 

Ship To India
Weight 5kg
Length 12 inches
Width 6 inches
Height 1 inch
FedEx $109.186
USPS Priority $104.91
DHL $115.28
USPS Express $128.31

Suppose you want a product from (or any other US online store) shipped to India. Choose the name of your country from the drop down menu. In the next step, you would be asked about the weight (in kilograms or pounds). Suppose that the package weighs 5kg. Next, you need to enter the dimensions of your parcel – length, width and height. Suppose the length is 12”, width 6” and height 1”. Enter these details in inches or centimeters. Finally, click on view shipping rates. This would give you the results on the right. 

FedEx economy would deliver this parcel in 2 - 5 days for $109.186. USPS priority mail would deliver the package in 10 – 20 days for $104.91. DHL Express would deliver the package in 1 – 4 days for $115.28. USPS Express mail would deliver the package in 7 – 15 days for $128.31.

• Customs and Other Regulations – We cannot ship prohibited items to you. Taking the same example above, you can check the prohibited items in India or any other country. You should check out the customs regulation for your country on the official website. For instance, in case of India, as per above example, you can check the customs duty here

You will get your package in the shortest time and would be free to choose your method of shipping.

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Prohibited items

Attention to items pro- hibited in transportation.

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