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own a unique US shipping address to buy from

Have you ever looked online at the stores in the United States wanting to buy products at their stores? Stores like, which provide state of the art imaging, optics, motion control applications and light analysis. Or stores like where you can buy second-hand goods at low prices. The United States has a lot of fantastic deals from modern day stores with their websites, but the problem is most of the time they don't ship internationally. How would you like to have a free US address that you could purchase these goods from the stores and then have them forwarded to your address? Sounds like a good idea but are there any companies out there who offer this kind of service? Well, my friend the good news is there is such a company. Today we will talk about the company details and what they offer. Let's get started!

USA Free Package Forwarding Service

There is a great company on the web today that allows you to sign up free, and they will give you a free US post address and a usa free package forwarding service. This company is When you sign up for their service, it is completely free, there are no membership costs and no hidden fees. is a straightforward business and they forward your parcels free of charge. Let's go over the steps on how to use their service:

1) Sign Up: You sign up on and get your own private US Mailing address.

2) Shopping: You shop at any US online retailer that you choose and enter your new mailing address from after you purchase.

3) Notice: You get a notice when your items are delivered to USGoBuy warehouse, and they send you an email to your account to tell you your package has arrived.

4) Shipment: Submit a shipment request and pay the estimated shipping fee. When your package comes into the warehouse, they will tell you the dimensions of the package and the weight. You can either consolidate your packages into one package or send the package as is. USGoBuy will give you an estimate of the shipping cost to you. Most of the time, your shipping will be less than the estimate so the remainder will be credited to your account.

5) Tracking: Once you confirm payment on your package shipping then you will be provided with a tracking number till your package gets to you.


Now you can see that now you too can buy from online stores that provide quality goods like or other online stores from inside the United States with your own free us address. With, you can get a usa free package forwarding service to act on your behalf to forward your parcels for free. You can now shop easily with with no membership fees or hidden costs. It only costs you the shipping from the USGoBuy warehouse to your address, and they are very comparable with other shipping companies like UPS, DHS, or Federal Express. What are you waiting for, sign up today!

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