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The best denim in the business available with USGoBuy.

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The best denim in the business available with USGoBuy.

The stitch that started it all.

In 2002, True Religion emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five-pocket jean. Industry-standard sewing machines couldn't handle their designs, so they broke them apart and rebuilt them to produce our one-of-a-kind vision. With its five-needle thread at two-stitch-per-inch process, True Religions famous Super T stitch was instantly recognized for style that was unlike any other denim brand in the world.

True Religion's designs soon caught the attention of the world's most iconic style leaders, and demand for their denim grew rapidly. Everything from there on out was committed to be bigger, better, and bolder than the rest.

As True Religion’s stitching evolved, they became synonymous with quality craftsmanship and bold style designed to stand out. With specialty denim fits, washes & treatments, all products were designed with amplified details to grab attention at every turn. Their iconic horseshoe was born from the silhouette of a Buddha's smile, and their hardware was inspired by the romance of denim's 140-year history. True Religion has always been fashion forward, even from behind.

You will find all different styles and cuts on the True Religion online store, with all styles inheriting the swagger of their given name. The Joey. The Ricky. The Halle. However, it's the Fearless Style Leaders who rock True Religion with a Be So Bold attitude that ignite the world with bold statements of creative self-expression. True Religion became famous because they were like no one before, and what began with a stitch now leads to a future of innovative fashion designed by the fearless, for the fearless.

True Religion has a bunch of ongoing sales so get in fast and grab your favourite pair of jeans, denim wear or accessories. You can find high quality garments suitable for women, men and kids all in the one place.

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