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Using USGoBuy to Purchase UBNT Merchandise

UBNT, also known as Ubiquiti Networks, commenced in 2005 as an American technology company. Born and grown in New York, UBNT aims to offer customers the best products available by manufacturing their own wireless communication data merchandise for enterprise. While the focus is on start up businesses and underexposed markets, this business aims to please everyone with their devices and services and has successfully done so based on both customer and critic reviews. Along with wired and wireless networking products, UBNT also specializes in grid-tiered solar kits for the environmental enthusiasts.

Using USGoBuy to Purchase UBNT Merchandise

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Ubiquiti Networks Products

Wireless or wired is the name of the game in this niche of the market. Wireless, routing and switching, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), fiber, LED, surveillance, and accessories are the categories that have catapulted UBNT into the market as one of the best available e-commerce stores for purchasing your communication data needs. While the extensive inventory makes any of your technological wants and wishes possible to come true with a click of the button, there are few highlights that customers have raved as favorites.

Wireless PowerBeam M5 400

The latest in dish reflector technology, this is the latest evolutionary product in the Ubiquiti Networks? airMAX? CPE line selling for $95.00 USD.

UniFi Video G3-Flex Camera

This surveillance kit is a must have for protection that is the epitome of quality in the highest form. A one pack set starting at $79.00 USD and a three pack available for $379.00 USD, these cameras with full HD 1080p resolution, the highest in technology for night vision, mounting equipment, and is weather resistant for nature’s harsher conditions to still provide the security you need.

UniFi Switch 8 (150W)

Powerful, yet noise repellent, this US-8-150W model offers the best connectivity possible utilizing ten independent switching ports and is a hit with customers. Selling for $199.00 this piece changes the routing and switching game and brings it to a wholeness level.

There is also a “U Community” that is available on the website and features forums, stories, blogs, and a support group under different platforms to choose from to unite with other people around the world who share the same interests using the same stellar products. Be sure to check out their training courses for any related fields!

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