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How do I utilize USGoBuy services to buy my Universal products?

Universal is a staple name in the entertainment industry. From movies to theme parks to merchandise, Universal offers the escape from reality into the imagination to create magic. Established as an American film studio owned by Comcast, Universal focuses in on television and movies, but wants to give the experience of “riding the movies” through their theme park experiences and reliving those memories with their products to always remain connected to that magical experience. The quality of what Universal has to sell is apparent in their merchandise, but it’s the feeling that is truly what makes the products memorable.

How do I utilize USGoBuy services to buy my Universal products?

You asked the right question and we have an easy answer! Just head onto and

register for an official account. You will receive an address to use during the finalization of payment and then your items will be on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. At this stage, you will have the chance to make any specifications about the final shipping procedure before your packages are on their way to your doorstep! All shipping and handling fees can be taken care of through your official account with most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal.

Universal Studios Customer Favorites

Animated Harry Potter Sorting Hat

A fan favorite, this live action, button activated hat will choose which witching and wizarding school section is the perfect fit for you. All it takes is a few AAA batteries to bring the magic to life with this Hogwarts must have. Selling at $49.95 USD, this is the perfect gift for any J.K. Rowling fiend.

E.T. Plush with Blue Sweatshirt

A classic bestseller, this adorable edition will “phone home” right into the family collection (or your personal one!) standing at fifteen inches and running at $21.95 USD. A fan favorite, this plush buddy will always be there to remind you of an era changing movie.

Despicable Me Unicorn Plush Backpack

“It’s so fluffy, I could DIE!” doesn’t even begin to cover the signature quote that keeps this backpack selling off the rack. That gorgeous pink mane and gold shine is sure to be the hit of any playground with its signature swag. Selling at $36.95 USD, this classic is going to be favorite to last through the years.

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Mug

This jurassic success is still a celebrated favorite amongst customers and what other way to make for a colossal morning than by enjoying your favorite cup o’ Joe in a cup that celebrates

your favorite movie? At the going rate of $14.95 USD, this bad boy is flying off the shelves. Be raptor fast and get yours before they run out!

Universal Studios doesn’t typically offer sales or promotions, but the quality of the products speak for themselves. Customer service is absolutely a priority at Universal and all questions, concerns, and comments can be reached at 1-888-762-0820.

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