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Hmmm... how do I use USGoBuy to purchase my UNKNWN items?

Designer apparel? UNKNWN has you covered. Extensive varieties of modern streetwear? You got it! The best assortment of sneakers at competitive prices? That’s UNKNWN. Always looking to the future, UKNWN has planted its seed in the niche of making sure that the masculine fashion experience is also credited and looks to seek a vibe that blends fashion, street, technology, music, and sports into one for a unique model that keeps customers coming back. Based out of Florida, the lines available only depict the most elite styles to highlight the image that UNKNWN represents.

Hmmm... how do I use USGoBuy to purchase my UNKNWN items?

Well, we’re glad you asked. In just a few easy steps, international shipping is easier than ever with one of the leading companies in forwarding your parcels. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Jump onto and register for an official account. After registration, you will

    receive an address to use during the checkout stage from your UNKNWN shopping spree.

  2. Your items are now on their way to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon where your account

    will be notified to make any requests for the last leg of their journey. All shipping and handling fees can be taken care of through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal for your convenience.

  3. Sit back and relax! Your packages are now on their way with care and speed in mind for you to enjoy as swiftly as possible.

UNKNWN Item Highlights

Air Jordan 12 Retro Winter

Perfect for fighting the chills and the weather, this water resistant version of the customer favorite still includes the tonal black leather sole and nubuck/leather overlays. Prices are subjective, so feel free to ask customer service representatives for the current
selling price at 305-937-2103.

Ksubi Dissect Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A favorite in the women’s apparel section, this classic comfy T is made of one hundred percent cotton and is made for the perfect lazy day on the couch or to be the go to undershirt for any outing starting at $200.00 USD.

Taschen Sneaker Freaker

Boasted as the “ultimate sneaker book”, this book made its appearance two decades ago to create history and document the evolution of the sneaker. With over six hundred and fifty pages, this cult classic documents social history through footwear and makes a statement for Sneakerheads to follow for years to come. Currently available at $50.00 USD.

While UNKNWN isn’t big on flash sales, their sales category is quite extensive and is great for perusing discount buys. Brands such as John Elliott, Alexander Wang, and Vans are slashed at over fifty percent of the original price on certain items. Be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter to be the latest to catch up on UNKNWN sales, news, and promotions.

Another UNKNWN perk is “The Path”, which highlights certain street life elements including editorials and lookbooks to catch a glimpse into certain life perspectives that would have otherwise been left unknown.

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