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About BAPE and how to use USGoBuy's fowarding service.

Situated in the heart of Tokyo, one of the leading fashion hubs of the world BAPE also known, as Bathing Ape has become one of the most hyped brands in street wear to date. Like most of the Japanese street wear icons, BAPE’s roots can be traced back to the ura-Harajuku scene of the early ’90s.


The brand has recently experienced a return to vogue amongst the general consumer these days, with kids eager to own their own piece of clothing adorned with the iconic BAPE camo pattern. BAPE has produced its iconic designed items, original patterns and characters such as "APE HEAD", "BAPE CAMO", "BAPE STA", "Shark HOODIE" and "BABY MILO" etc. 


BAPE’s camo is now so synonymous with the brand that is it is impossible to imagine it without it. The iconic camo print, formally known as Cloud Camo, isn’t as simple as some might first think. The graphic design blends a number of things that BAPE has come to represent. Firstly, it is of course a typical military camouflage print. However, BAPE has ensured that it has flipped this on its head. Typically camouflage is meant to conceal, but for the brand it does the exact opposite and lets everyone know that you are wearing BAPE.


BAPE has now expanded into a Men’s, Ladies and Kids Line that can all be found and purchased on the U.S BAPE official online website. Not only does BAPE have its own line it also has created successful collaborations with established international brand and reputable artists that are also available for purchase.


BAPE takes a lot of influence from American lifestyle, especially popular culture and sportswear. This, blended with a Japanese sensibility, has made BAPE what it is today. The Uruhaha style was heavily influenced by American styles and ways of living, which was exactly how BAPE branded itself.


How USGoBuy Shipping & Forwarding Service Works for the U.S. BAPE Online store? 


USGoBuy mail forwarder expands the online shopping experience by offering shopping guides & coupon codes. At USGoBuy we offer discounts with high volume orders worldwide, normally 50% or more off the regular shipping rates, which makes your purchase cost-efficient. Payments can be troublesome when purchasing products overseas as the U.S BAPE online store may not accept your payment method and not provide international shipping service to your country. USGoBuy conveniently acts as a package forwarding service provider for BAPE U.S. online store. This allows all around the world can have access to BAPE's products offered on their USA site.



Using USGoBuy is as simple as 1,2,3. First, USGoBuy assigns you with a free U.S. address. When you purchase your products during the checkout just have it delivered to the given USGoBuy address. When your order arrives our warehouse, you will receive a notification. When you are ready to have your order delivered to you, submit an international shipping request, and your package will soon be on its way. You will also be able to track your package, and follow its route as it makes its way to you. 


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