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Using USGoBuy to Purchase USC Merchandise

The ultimate source to represent USC for all your student needs as well as paraphernalia to sport your favorite college, the USC Bookstore e-commerce store is a one stop shopping experience to provide convenience to ease your college experience. Student resources provides a list of all the textbooks that will be required in your field and also t-shirts and sweatshirt to keep you comfortable and warm during study season. There is also a faculty resource section that offers online course material adoption options. USC is aware of the growing and necessary field of technology and CAMPUSCONNECT has a wide selection of discounted products that include necessities for any student such as tablets, computer, audio video equipment, and accessories to make life more convenient without breaking the bank.

Using USGoBuy to Purchase USC Merchandise

USGoBuy is a leading forwarding and shipping service that provides the best international options at affordable prices for you to receive your parcels from anywhere in the world. Convenience is key to any prime customer service business and USGoBuy makes it easy to proceed in using their services that save you time and money. Simply hop onto and register for an official account. Upon doing so, you will receive an address to use during your checkout procedure. After finalizing payment, your items will be shipped to the USGoBuy warehouse in Oregon. Your account will be notified once they arrive so that you can make any specific detail requests about final shipment procedures before your parcels make their final leg of the journey. Shipping and handling fees can be taken care of through most third party online transaction sites such as PayPal.

USC Products and Services

Men, women’s, and children’s inner and outerwear are available with the standard and legendary USC logo for every season so that you can sport your college vibe all year long. Accessories and unique gifts are also available, as well as home and auto decor including party supplies, auto decal, and kitchen and dining ware to shine your vibe at any occasion. Gift cards are also available as the “go to” perfect purchase for any student, alumni, or fan to help aid them in the purchase of their dream USC item. USC also offers special holiday items for that special occasion or event right around the corner.

USC Discounts and Promotions

USC always tries to make sure that students and customers get the best discounted purchases to save money while still buying the best quality items available on the market. USC is currently offering a USC Apple Alumni savings promotion which can lead to savings of up to $200.00 USD on certain products exclusively through CAMPUSCONNECT. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive member only benefits through your USC account to save extra dollars in your bank account. Another perk is that you can trade in an old device or gift card to receive in store credit for items of your choosing. Happy shopping and trading!

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