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If you live outside the USA, you may experience a lot of hassles and headaches having your merchandise shipped to your country and to your address. We would like to take the hassles and headaches out of your shopping experience. We want to be your America shopping and forwarding agent. We can be your usa shopping service to Zumiez.com, an American online store with great products and great prices, assign you an American address, and ship your products to you worldwide. 

Zumiez started with one store in 1978 and have expanded to 400 retail stores across the US. It has now opened an online store for the world to experience Zumiez. Zumiez.com offers you cutting edge clothing, accessories, footwear, and DVDs as well as hard goods for your active lifestyles skating and on the snow. Their stylish and reasonably priced products can now be shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

As your America shopping and forwarding agent, we provide two services. We give you a unique shipping address and re-ship the products to your doors. We act as your US personal shopper at US websites for a percentage service fee. At US Go Buy you can enter you county’s name, weight of your purchases, size of the package it will be shipped in, and calculate the shipping cost. For instance, sending a friend in New Zealand two tops and 2 pairs of pants at the current sales price of $15 per item, the total purchase would be $60. Shipping USPS would cost $65 if the garments weighed 3 pounds. There would be no custom charges in New Zealand according to the New Zealand Customs calculator. My friend in New Zealand would be an importer because of receiving an overseas shipment. The cost of $60 in the US would be a value of $77.92 in New Zealand Dollars. The Duty on this amount is 10% or $7.79 New Zealand Dollars plus GST of 15%, $12.86 for a subtotal of $20.65 New Zealand Dollars, but since the total is less than $60, there would be no cost to receive the packages. 

We can provide our usa shopping service to many countries around the world from a variety of US websites. Let us be your American shopping and forwarding agent and deliver products to your door. Feel free to go to Zumiez.com, find products and items you want. Then visit USGoBuy.com, sign up for a US address which is free. Visit your country’s customs department website to calculate customs cost and be ready to receive your shipment. Shop like you live in the USA with us as your personal shopping and shipping agents. Visit USGoBuy.com for more details. 

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